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Healthcare workers - 

" You are our heroes "

The Corona virus has impacted many lives, many homes, many families and we are actively involved on a personal basis daily as we care for many people with disabilities. IHA is very proud of all our healthcare workers and many others that have committed themselves to caring for so many people, before and during these very challenging days with the COV-19 virus.  To all healthcare workers throughout America and the world, know that Interactive Health Alliance is praying daily for you all, as we salute you. 

" You are our heroes "

IHA Company Policies

 IHA company policies are based on its commitment to providing quality in-home healthcare for those who need it. As such  we will only employ caregivers and healthcare professionals who are thoroughly background checked before employment, and on a yearly basis.  It is a required policy of  IHA to have an authorized criminal and sexual abuse background check conducted on all our healthcare professionals and caregivers , to ensure that our company policies are satisfied and federal mandated regulations are validated and met.

IHA Mission Statement

IHA is designed to foster the promotion and maintenance of health and the welfare of all individuals in our care. We are committed to the care and enhancement of human life by serving with respect, compassion and kindness. As such, in pursuit of our mission, we at IHA recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic value of each Healthcare employee. Each employee is expected to familiarize themselves with the Employment Handbook given to them, to know, understand and abide by the guidelines outlined in Code of Conduct outlined in the Employment Handbook.

The ' Employment Application ' is the first steps towards becoming a staff member of IHA.  If you are ready for a career in nursing, or want to become a caregiver, you enjoy caring for the sick and helping to provide a comfortable environment for those that need care - then please complete and send your Resume to us. < Please click the above icon and start filling out the form >

IHA is committed to delivering client centered healthcare at all times. We achieve this goal by being respectful, compassionate, working with integrity and building on our foundation that fosters a culture of inclusion regardless of a person's ethnicity, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.

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