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The administrative and management team

" Integrating exceptional home healthcare, digital technology and data analytics for remarkable changes  "

Olivene  Edwards - ARNP, CRNA, BSN, MSN

Director of Health Administration & Operations

Olivene has over 20 years experience in clinical nursing, is a recognized Nurse Practitioner and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), with various degrees in nursing such as a BSN and MSN, and many years of ER nursing experience with the ACLS, PALS, BLS certifications. She is proficient in providing safe administration of local, intravenous and inhalation according to ASA and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetist(AANA) guidelines. She is comfortable in the role of a preceptor/instructor to student nurses, as well as student anesthetists and paramedics.

Kirk Patrick  - BSc. MBA.  MSc. Dip. Acctng, CNE

​Director  of  Cyber Security, Data  Analytics & Operations

Kirk has over 21 years of experience in business management, digital infrastructural development, accounting and strategic management, with a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA),  a Bachelors degree in Information Technology & Information Security (BSc), a Masters(MSc) degree in Cyber Security, Digital Cyber Forensics and Advanced Data Analytics. He has a very impressive working knowledge of the   - Apache Hadoop Data Framework, Sisense Business Data Analytics, PeopleSoft HR Management application and Kali Linux - Digital Forensics OS, complimented by years of working experience with digital Database Administration (DBA). He writes software codes in 5 different computer languages including JAVA, Python, C++, DJANGO and PERL, and is a Certified Networking Engineer (CNE). He is presently pursuing his Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) -  global professional cyber security recognition certifications

Rebecca Hawthorn

Data  Analytics 

 Rebecca Hawthorn has  working experiences in using the various  databases created and customized at Interactive Health Alliance(IHA) LLC, to simplify and improve the Healthcare Management processes, while performing  data analytics to improve the quality of service consumers receive and the benefits of all employees of IHA.

Agatha Domingo

Team Lead - Nursing and Caregiving

Agatha Domingo brings years of practical experience in caring for others,  while exercising exceptional healthcare procedures and insight while caring for children and adults with disabilities.  She now integrates the use of technology at Interactive Health Alliance(IHA) LLC.  with  her practical experiences to ensure that consumers get daily exceptional care,  while conforming to all the rules, protocols and standards of IHA and APD.


Ivette  Acevedo

Human Resources Administrator

Ivette Acevedo brings years of experience working with employees, understanding the many variables that impact people as they work together and how technology can simplify the interaction.  As the Human Resource Administrator, She has a working knowledge of using the various healthcare management databases at Interactive Health Alliance LLC and how to address the changes of the HR dept.

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