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" Children with disabilities and  home healthcare services  "

" We will care for the children with disabilities "

Interactive Health Alliance(IHA) LLC, commits itself to working with the parents/guardians of children with disabilities. We are aware that parenting any child is no easy task, but when you have a child with a developmental and/or physical disability, life often revolves around the needs and services of your child. And too often, your own needs are left behind, unaccounted for.  Regardless of your child’s long-term disability, the reality is that to do best by your child with a special need or disability, you need to be willing to start taking care of yourself. It is very important to recognize the importance of respite care which is not a dirty word. It is imperative that parents realize that one or two people alone cannot raise a child with special needs. Self-care provides both the physical and emotional stamina that parents need to help their children achieve success.  We know that so many parents and special need children require help at home, they need medical attention and assistance of varying types while in the comfort of their own homes and IHA is here to help.  Please call one of our highly qualified and experienced Health Administrators about the home healthcare services we offer to our amazing veterans. Call us at (813)315-8860, (813)436-0661.

Primary home health for special need children

Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC)

This program delivers routine health care in the homes of children with disabilities by CNAs and LPNs, when medical issues make it challenging for the parent/guardian. This service will focus on caring for the child with special needs, while allowing the parent/Guardian to focus on reducing stress and getting the rest required to properly care for their child.

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